Civitas Property Group is a German residential property portfolio owner with a long-term focus, concentrating on high-growth metropolitan regions in Germany.

Our core business is the operation of our residential property portfolio, which we are consistently optimising and extending by the strategic acquisition of existing properties offering value enhancement potential and our investment in property developments. The value enhancement and development potential of our continually expanding portfolio is released by our dynamic asset management and targeted real estate strategy. Our projects are always based on the highest level of professional integrity.

The continual monitoring of trends and events on the German residential property market enables Civitas Property Group to make long-term decisions relating to the sustainable value enhancement of the property portfolio. This is based on our comprehensive network of experienced professionals.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a significant residential property portfolio owner within Germany.

We pursue a long-term growth strategy with the objective of building an extensive real estate portfolio of residential properties in promising locations within Germany’s high-growth metropolitan regions. In order to achieve this aim, we not only leverage the value of the existing residential properties but also create real estate value by the initiation and implementation of property developments.

We are a dependable company focussed on sustainability and part of our mission is to guarantee our residential tenants a carefree and happy occupation of our properties.

Enthusiasm, focus and goal-orientation are the core values for the achievement of our mission.

Corporate Governance

Civitas Property Group places great value on compliance with legal requirements, open dialogue and transparency.

For us, Corporate Governance includes all divisions within the company and is our top priority.

By assuming responsibility for and supervising our actions, we create trust in our company for our investors, business partners, staff, tenants and the public. In this way, we can remain competitive over the long-term and can achieve sustainable value creation.

Our Corporate-Governance system is one of the principal reasons for our success as a company.