Securing future viability is a top priority for the Civitas Property Group.

Corporate responsibility – our company activities are centred around sustainability, which is the fundamental principle ensuring our economic success.

Economic sustainability – sustainability is at the forefront of our thinking throughout the entire lifecycle of a property including planning, construction, operation and use. Our objective is to create attractive living space for our tenants, in order to improve the quality of life and satisfaction of our occupiers. For us, this means the responsible use of existing resources to ensure sustainable value creation and the simultaneous optimisation of rental income.

Ecological sustainability – as a residential property portfolio owner, we understand that sustainable conduct is a principal requirement of our daily operations, in particular as it affects the environment. Our projects reflect our considerate treatment of the environment and we attempt to optimise our buildings over the long-term from an ecological standpoint in order to make a positive contribution to both the environment and society. We are convinced that the responsible and sustainable treatment of resources will contribute to our company’s economic success.

Social sustainability – our respectful, equitable and value-based company structure makes it possible for us to consider the individual requirements of our team members, which in turn promotes their motivation, productivity and enthusiasm and improves the satisfaction of business partners, thus distinguishing us from our competitors.


Satisfaction – staff satisfaction is a top priority for Civitas Property Group. In order to achieve this, we utilise a state-of-the-art approach for the improvement of staff satisfaction, which ensures that our team creates its fresh energy and we are totally convinced that this maximises our company’s success over the long-term.

Career development – the encouragement of staff is an important component of our company strategy, in order to create a long-term bond between the company and its workforce. For this reason, the company has created procedures to optimise development opportunities for each and every staff member and has implemented appropriate guidelines to ensure this.

Job security – in addition to an attractive working environment, we offer our employees good prospects for the future and secure jobs. Our sustainable business model as a residential property portfolio owner and the consistency and crisis-resistance of this asset class combine to ensure long-term job security for our staff.


Social responsibility - vis-à-vis all tenants is an important issue for us. For this reason, we look after the well-being of our tenants, which we ensure with the quality of our properties and the residential environment. This is also based on the providing a range of high-quality services.

Esteem – the improvement in tenant satisfaction and the esteem of our occupiers are some of our most important objectives. We achieve this by the continual optimisation of our buildings in terms of sustainability, in order to improve the quality of life for all our tenants. This includes amongst other things the creation of apartments with step-free access and the upgrade of external areas.

Social responsibility – the well-being of our tenants is ascertained by regular surveys, which are used for its improvement and continual response to the needs of our occupants. We also organise and offer social events in order to provide on-going improvement and support to the tenant community.